Hello, thought i would post this blog entry as i have not explained why i have left The Doctor Who Expo as an owner.

On the 12th August 2011 i quit as an owner of DWE for a number of reasons.

The catalyst for my final decission was the stupidity of the few that decided it would be fun to poke jokes about the riots that were happening around the country and though it would be clever to post pictures of this to the Doctor Who group, they obviously got blasted for it which is fair enough but to post a second notice with my name in it as a joke was just a wrong decission as i got a few disgruntled IM’s, the thing is with this i was not even online for 4 days during this happening so i had no idea untill i see the IM’s.

This was completly stupid.

This was by no means the only reason i decided to hang the towel up and by far the most insignificant of the reasons it just provided the catalyst in a very long line of reasons which i will not go into for the most part, sorry drama seekers this is not where you get to jump in and cause an uproar ;)

The main reasons for me to finally quit is that i have been an owner for the best part of 4 years and i feel it was time for a change, I have had some great times in Katrina and some unpleasent times but for the most part it really has been a lot of fun, it got to the point at times it had become another full time job for me and that is when Second Life is not enjoyable any more so it was a hard decission to make.

In the 4 years i have seen the sim grow from a tiny parcel to a whole region and even at one point there was 2 regions, I have seen the griefers come and go, seen the changes the sim has gone through and for the most part had a hand in making those changes happen, The hard work Victor1st has put in to get the likes of DWO and Podshock to join us in world, I have even seen copybotters steal others hard work as well as a small group try to destroy the community as a whole.

Even with the negatives the fun has still managed to shine through and has mostly been possative on the whole, i have made some good friends because of the creation of DWE and i am proud to say i was a part of its rise.

As for the future i will remain in the community but as an observer, this will allow me to join in on more events and hang out with other like minded people without the need to manage DWE.

I have a new project i am working on but i will not give details of this yet as its still in planning, but i will certainly make a notice about it when the time is right to unvale the new project.

As for those that i am leaving behind in my new venture i do wish you all the best of luck with the new build for Katrina and i will be around to see its progress and of course i will still talk to you all and be around.


Nodster Tardis.